Aliya Mughal - Writer

I’ve built my life around words. Why? Because words matter. Clarity of thought and the beauty of expression lend quality and vision to everything in life.

We all have a story to tell, as individuals, organisations, communities, families, societies, businesses. And just like any story, if it’s interesting enough and told well, people will listen. I love nothing more than digging out those stories, helping people to craft their message and find their voice.

People inspire me and deadlines fuel me.

I’ve written about everything from quantum collisions to conflict in Sri Lanka, from the physiology of obesity to medical complicity in torture, crafting stories for print, film and the web.

Aside from working on freelance commissions, I’m interested in finding the stories that haven’t yet been told, the ones that deserve a wider audience. To date, this has taken me from my hometown of Bristol to as far as Rwanda and Uganda. Ultimately, it's people and places - wherever they might be - that interest me.


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