Client work & commissions

We all have a story to tell, as individuals, organisations, communities, families, societies and businesses. I love nothing more than finding those stories, helping people to craft a meaningful message and find their voice. 

As a former journalist, I know how to explore an issue or a story with depth and focus; talking to people, gathering information and developing insights to create content on time and with impact. 

Having worked for newspapers, charities, universities, research institutes, design agencies, film companies, online magazines and social enterprises, I know how valuable a strong message, coupled with positive working relationships can be. 

My specialisms include articles and essays, Online content, editorial plans, communications strategies, ghost writing, media and policy briefings, case studies, publicity materials, film scripts, website audits, editing and proofreading, promotional copy.

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Don't just take my word for it. Here's what other people say:

“Aliya researches the subjects that she covers extremely diligently and is then able to convey their importance in writing that is compelling, hard hitting and well informed. She has a wide breadth of experience in journalism, PR and marketing that encompasses everything from the true cost of human rights abuses through to specialist areas such as international relations and legal reform. Aliya is a consummate professional who ‘adds value’ to everything to which she turns her hand.” — Andrew Hogg, Head of Media, Christian Aid, Visiting Lecturer in Humanitarian Reporting, City University School of Journalism, London
“It takes an open mind, genuine empathy and a real sense of humanity to bear witness to the accounts of people who have survived psychological and physical abuse and torture. Aliya has that absolutely essential ability of developing trust and confidence with all those she meets, and a participatory way of working that ensures her words resonate with those she interviews as well as those whose attention needs to be drawn to any given campaign. Most importantly in the arena of human rights, she is able to offer fresh intellectual analysis and to capture the raw and often harrowing testimonies of a case while preserving the integrity of her interviewees.” — Dr Nimisha Patel, Chartered Consultant Clinical Psychologist
“Aliya is a great storyteller and communicator. I’ve worked with her on a number of projects, exploring complex subjects and working with a broad range of contributors. She has a real gift for finding the heart and soul of a story and opening it up so that others can see and understand it. She writes beautifully, with a lightness of touch and a depth of purpose. She is also organised, effective and focused. I’d thoroughly recommend her.” — Mark Whatmore, Filmmaker at Yoho Media
“Aliya has the rare ability to tackle brand new areas of knowledge, quickly synthesizing and communicating them in a manner which is both incisive, clear, and entertaining.” — Dr David Glowacki PhD MA, theoretical chemist, author, inventor and creator of danceroom spectroscopy
“Aliya and I have worked together with design agencies on various scientific educational projects for print and web. Aliya’s ability to listen, empathise, understand and articulate extremely complex theories and areas of study is exemplary. Alongside this, Aliya is relaxed and a joy to work with, she has a finely honed ability to organise schedules, facilitating photoshoots and interviews that maximise opportunities and time constraints.” — Nick Smith, photographer
“I worked with Aliya during her time at Freedom from Torture. I was impressed by the way in which she was able to turn complicated and very sensitive messages into engaging content, while also understanding the requirements of different stakeholders. Aliya understands the balance between editorial content and design, and how this combination works differently on- and off-line, and across different printed formats.” — Tim Lloyd, head of digital communications, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)