Articles & essays

A selection of my favourite pieces, based on readers' responses and my own particular interests:


In defence of minimalism, the origins of the simple life via Rothko and Thoreau. Published in The Idler online magazine.

The restless whirlpool of life, on the language of travel via Schopenhauer, Watts, Zen Buddhism and Mike Leigh. Published in The Learned Pig.

How conscious movement can set your mind free, in praise of running.

What is happiness? The perennial existential question.

To have or to be? That is the question, but what's the right answer...


The pleasure of a blue sky moment, why it pays to look up.

How photography captures more than just a moment


The power of words in an age of anxiety, on why reading matters for our mental health.

What does Huxley's Island tell us about the essence of humanity? As published in the Partially Examined Life.

No news is good news, why cultivating ignorance is the way forward.

Our moral imagination, why fiction matters more than you might think.

Is the examined life really worth living? On John Gray's Straw Dogs.


A life less ordinary, why I opted for the highs and lows of freelancing.

Past matters, on the challenges of documenting the lives of others.

In praise of paper, why the hard stuff is better for you.


Uganda revisited, my personal journey in search of lost memories.

Why I went back to vegetarianism, soon to be followed by Why veganism is the sensible choice...

Bat watching & the art of paying attention, why nature has music for those who listen.